The Crew


Yvette- Groomer

Kat- Bather

My career started in Southern California where I apprenticed for a groomer. A few years later I moved to Illinois, gained more experience and skills, and opened Groomingdales in 1990. Still learning and loving my job, and I’m crazy happy coming into work everyday!

Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down. Id like to take a minute just sit right there. Ill tell you how I became a groomer at a place called Groomingdales…

Wanted to be a veterinarian, but I liked the idea of grooming in school. I started at Groomingdales as a bather almost 11 years ago. Sarah taught me how to groom throughout the years. I did take a couple years off to have my two monsters, I mean lovely children… I love grooming and can’t see myself doing anything else.

I’ve been a lover of dogs my whole life. I have an associate’s degree in science and arts, but who cares about that! Been at Groomingdales for about 9 years. Your precious fur babies are safe in my hands. In fact, I’m a master at getting them squeaky clean! Rub a dub dub, lets get your dog in the tub!

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