While our goal is to provide the best estimate for pricing, our price is based on dog breed, weight, condition of hair, and when last groom was completed.

To make estimates easier we have ranges for small, medium, and large breeds full groom.

We can do standard breed clips or something cute and/or practical - whatever suits your taste and family needs.

We also offer a B&B (Bath and Blow dry). This service includes everything from the full groom without clipper use. This is not a clipper or heavier scissoring cut.

If you have questions please give us a call at 630-355-1993. We will be happy to provide you with an estimate based on the description given to us. 

Small breeds

Small breeds

Full grooms for small breeds start at $58. 

Some examples are maltese and yorkies. 

Some small breeds do not need a full groom, so please call us at 630-355-1993 to confirm if a lower price might be available for your dog's breed. 

Medium breeds

Full grooms for medium breeds start at $70. 

Some examples are caviliers, westies, and cocker-spaniels . 

Large breeds

Full grooms for Large breeds start at $90. 

Some examples are standard poodles, large doodles, and bernese dogs.

Some large dogs do not require an actual clipper cut, but require extra time to rubber scrub, mat rake, and longer-than-usual hand blow drying, so please call us at 630-355-1993 to confirm price.

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