While our goal is to provide the best estimate for pricing, our price is based on dog breed, weight, condition of hair, and when last groom was completed.

Professional standards suggest grooming each 3 to 6 weeks for the best outcome and pet comfort. 

We can do classic standard breed clips or something cute and/or practical - whatever suits your taste, the condition of the coat at the time of the appointment and family needs.

We also offer a B&B (Bath and Blow dry). Our bath and blow dry includes face, feet , privates.  All the practical needs betweeen full service grooms. 

If you have questions please give us a call at 630-355-1993. We will be happy to provide you with an estimate based on the description given to us but it really depends on what we see when you bring in your  pet.

Small breeds

Small breeds

Full grooms for small breeds start at $58. 

Some examples are maltese and yorkies. Also very small mixed breeds regularly groomed 3 to 6 weeks.

Medium breeds

Full grooms for medium breeds start at $78.00 

Some examples are caviliers, westies, and small cockers. Havanese, bichons

Large breeds

Full grooms for Large breeds start at $95.00 

Some examples are small standard  poodles, medium doodles,  small goldens and golden and doodle mixes, Airdales,  these full grooms may include clipper cuts or lots of blow drying, brushing, dematting, matt raking, which includes skill, tools, patience and time. 

Extra Large grooms  start at  $125.00

Some examples may include standard poodles, doodles, doodle mixes, goldens, shephards, old english sheep dogs. These grooms may as well  include clipper cuts, lots of blow drying,  brushing, dematting, tools, skill, patience and time.    

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